The Gym

This is a new era for the Pat Henry Fitness Centre. Since opening in 1986, the gym has grown and grown to be a market leader in the fitness industry in Ireland.Our market advantage is the fact that we provide real service and get real results, no fads, no gimics, just real results that last.

Now Pat and Karl have combined to launch the Pat & Karl Henry fitness centre,determined to offer even better results and an even better facility to our members.We have just completed a €100,000 refurbishment programme and the gym is looking better than ever. With over 3000 sqft , we have all the free weights, machines and cardiovascular machines you could need as well as a boxing area and over 19 classes each week with classes ranging from power stretch to circuit training. 

If you are a personal training client or a gym member, we feel that you will get the most attention,guidance and knowledge possible. Due to our hands on approach, it will be a unique gym experience that no other gym can offer. 

We open

6am -9pm Monday to Thursday

6am-8pm Friday

9am-2pm Saturday

We are closed on Sunday.
For more information check our gym website:
Feel free to call in and take a look around or to book an appointment simply give usl a call or email.


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