Karl Henry

Karl Henry is one of Ireland's most recognised and leading personal trainers and is the name that is synonymous with training in Ireland. Karl has a BSc(hons) in Sports Management from University College Dublin, as well as two personal training qualifications A.C.E and A.A.B.S. He founded Karl Henry Personal Training in 2004 and is responsible for creating some of the most famous physiques in fashion, music, politics and industry.

Corporate Coach
As well as doing personal training, Karl also specialises in corporate fitness and wellness. From one off lectures to full corporate health and wellness solutions, Karl works with some of the top companies across the country to deliver solutions that last and programmes that work. If you would like to find out more about how we can help see our corporate wellness section for further details.

In The Media
Karl is the leading fitness expert on RTE 1's Operation Transformation and has been working with RTE since the show started 7 years ago. His weekly health column is featured in The Irish Independent every Monday and he also writes for the Weekender Magazine every Saturday. He has appeared on the Panel on RTE 2, The Nwstalk Breakfast Show, The Daily Show, The Afternoon Show, as well as numerous other TV shows.


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