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Our corporate programmes are tailored to suit our clients needs. From in house weightloss competitions,installation of gyms and fitness facilities onsite and our exciting new stress management series of programmes that teach you how to deal with the stress in your life effectively and easily, we can build any type of programme to suit your company, no matter how big or small.

Karl Henry : Personal Training
Karl Henry : Personal Training

Clients we have worked with include

Some of our recent topics include:

  • Techniques in dealing with stress
  • Healthy Eating Advice
  • In house weightloss competitions
  • Marathon training
  • Goal setting
  • Lifestyle change
  • Relaxation Tips
  • Visualisation
  • Unblocking your mind's computer.

Do you and your colleagues want more physical and mental energy for your working day? Do you want to finish with a feeling of satisfaction with enough energy left over for your family, friends and interests each evening? Do you want a feeling of challenge and excitement in your life?

The purpose of the Wellness Programme is to give your staff and colleagues the means to take your life back into your own hands so it can be balanced, enjoyable and fulfilling. The whole experience is geared towards practical advice which you can transfer to every situation in your everyday life. Helping to deal with problems in the workplace, relationships and positive ways of looking at stress, life and challenges.

Also ensuring that you achieve your full potential and be who you are meant to be.There are several packages on offer to tailor to the needs of our corporate clients and more often than not we will build a unique day or weekend that will maximise the potential for the package. Whether it is wellness,stress management,weightloss or training for a race, at Karl Henry Personal Training we can cater for your every need


Staying safe in the sun... an in depth look at sun tanning - is it worth it?

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Do you wake up every morning feeling in need of a good night's sleep? Do you struggle through your morning's business, yawn through lunch meetings and drag yourself home in the evening to collapse, exhausted in front of the TV?

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Most people at some stage of their lives will have trouble sleeping. However some people find it takes them a long time to get to sleep and don't sleep soundly when they do, waking up a few times during the night or find themselves waking up too early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep. If this describes your sleeping pattern then you have the symptoms of insomnia.

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